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Finn Christensen was a Norwegian painter and graphic artist. 26 February 1920 - 28 February 2009

Christensen was a student at Doro Ording's painting school in 1942. The following year, he began the more formal education at the Norwegian School of Crafts and Crafts, 1943–1944. He then studied at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts under Jean Heiberg, Per Krohg and Aage Storstein 1945–1948. In 1959, Finn Christensen traveled to Paris and developed his graphic skills through Stanley William Hayter's free and experimental art education programs in Atelier 17.

Varied imagery
Finn Christensen expressed himself in a naturalistic visual language in the late 1940s and beyond into the 1950s. In terms of content, he visited the surreal. In the 1960s and 1970s, he combines geometric and organic forms and the expression becomes more abstract. Christensen attracted particular attention with his imaginative, abstracted serigraphs and etchings.

Decoration assignment
Finn Christensen had several decoration commissions, including at the Rikshospitalet (1964), Oslo municipal ambulance (1966), the churches at Lambertseter (1967) and Åssiden in Drammen (1968), Ullevål hospital and Aker hospital (1969), Kreditkassen in Oslo (1971) , and the cruise ship Royal Viking Star (1972).

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