Collection: Mary Helen Hansen

Mari was born and raised in the northern part of our country,
specifically in Grovfjord. A good 27 years ago, love led her to Molde, and she has since lived in Molde with her three sons. Primary education as a graphic designer and has previously worked for a few decades in the advertising and media industry, which is good experience to have as an artist.

Mari mainly works with watercolours, but in recent years has also started with acrylics. Learning, challenging herself and her art, trying new techniques is something Mari is keen on, she is therefore constantly developing.
The paintings are full of color and life, you can often glimpse the northern lights, and the nature from childhood memories from the north is strongly present.

The images are rough and delicate at the same time, and there is always a wind blowing through them. There is always something to marvel at in Mari's pictures, and always new elements to discover.

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