Collection: Ragna Kvernberg

Ragna Mangelrød Kvernberg

2022: Installation "A place for all". Rainbow Fair Molde Cathedral
2021: "The Legacy of Sikinos". Contemporary art"Site-Specific Art."
20-23 Aug Little Island Festival. Juried

2020: Hareid Kunstlag Artlag
2020: Gråveggen Rauma Kunstlag Åndalsnes
2018: Stavern Activity Hotel, Easter exhibition
2014: Rose Atelier
2009: Galleri Thams, Orkdal art association
2009: Tingvoll Art Association
2007: Rose Atelier
2004 : Rose Atelier
2001: Aukra Art Team
2000: Gallery S Kleive/Molde
1999: Herøy

Group exhibitions, a selection:
2021: Med. Exhibition Molde Art Association, juried
2020: Joint exhibition Molde Art Association, juried
Christmas exhibition Molde Art Association, jury
2019 Gallery S, Molde
Aukra Art Association
Aure Kunstlag,
Hamar Kulturhus Nfuk national exhibition, juried
​ Volda Nfuk Northwest
2018: Gallery Albin Upp, Olso
Gallery Laila, Stavern
2017: Galleri Gnist, Molde
Galleri Gnist, juried exhibition for artists in Møre and Romsdal.
2016: Gallery Holmen, Larvik
2016 and 2017: Scholarship exhibition, gallery Gnist, juried
2015: Nordic Watercolor Company exhibition online, juried
2009: Gallery Bårstuå, Smøla
2008: Ørsta Art Association
2004-2008: "Ved Laufall", Surnadal Art Association, juried
2004: Molde Art Association
2003: Olsvik Church, Bergen
2001: Tysvær Art Association
2000: Kristiansund Art Association
1989: Gallery Sølvpilken, Ålesund
1984: Galleri Finn, Harstad, juried

NFUK (Norwegian association for independent artists)
Nordic Watercolor Society

Purchased by
Møre and Romsdal County Municipality
Molde and surrounding sports association
Rødberg Bygg A/S, Molde
The trade union Møre and Romsdal
Postkom Møre and Romsdal
Molde Municipality

Møre and Romsdal county's establishment grant 1997
Gallery Spark 2017

General teacher training 3 years, 4 years further training, including 2 years at Formingslärerskolen, Notodden
Painting course in Hamm, exchange student, 1992
"Modern watercolor technique", course at Nansenskolen 1997, 1999 and 2009
Academie de Port Royal, Paris, 1999. Drawing and painting
Olav Mosebekk School of Art, full-time student autumn 2000
The county's establishment school 1996-97
Part-time student at Nydalen Art School 2021-22 "Personal art development"
Various courses in image creation, photography, writing.

Professional life
About 20 years of work as a teacher and school leader.
From 1997: artistic activity and teaching in own company.
2002: Rose Atelier,
own workplace, teaching place and exhibition space.
Babette painting group from 2004
Course assignment for psychiatry, adult education, rehabilitation, prison